Baby Food Ideas

These days, I’ve got a toddler and an infant to feed so meal time can get pretty interesting, especially since the littlest is starting food. The thing with babies starting solid foods (like most things baby) is that there are a million and one ways to do it (and two million studies to back it all up!)!  🙂 But making your own baby food is not as scary as I once thought.

So, on some days when I’m feeling more inspired, I’ll steam or roast some fruits and veggies and set baby up for a few meals.  I’ve taken many recipes from Tyler Florence’s book Start Fresh, which has given me great ideas in addition to inspiration for my own medleys. Most foods, though, can be roasted for about 20 minutes, or until soft enough to be pureed in a blender.

Something like broccoli is a staple in our house. I’ll steam a head for about 10 minutes or until bright green. I’ll remove from the steamer and lay some out on a baking pan, let cool, and then freeze the stalks for my bigger guy to have throughout the week. And I’ll puree the other half (using some water from the steam basket if needed) and use for baby.

A favorite puree is carrot, mango & apple. It’s so good that I don’t mind taste testing it twice! (This recipe has been altered from the original in Start Fresh)

  • 3 medium carrots, peeled
  • 1 mango, cut into chunks (I peel it and then cut it into chunks, avoiding the pit and hard fibers in the middle
  • 2 medium Granny Smith or Rome (I use whatever apple we have in the fridge, and cut into 4s around the core!)

  • Place the carrots, mango, and apples on a baking sheet and roast until the fruit has browned and carrots are tender (about 20-25 minutes)
  • I use my food processor to puree until consistency is smooth!
  • Then, I’ll put in small containers and usually keep one or two in the fridge and the rest go in the img_1944






Of course on other days, I’ll just pop open a can of pureed pumpkin and add it to some baby oatmeal and call it a day! It is pumpkin season, ya know!

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