Bring the red, white & blue

D.O. makes being a guest easier.

Since baby #2 has arrived, I often dream of living a Pinterest lifestyle and am abruptly brought back to reality anytime the babies are not sleeping. Ya know what I mean?! Thus, my “fun” time spent baking or cutting fruit into cute shapes or whipping up a homemade pesto sauce has been slightly cut back. While I still make an effort to show up to parties with something in hand, my fall back has become anything grab-and-go from the aisles of D.O. A fruit platter, a few bags of donuts or cookies displayed nicely on a plate, or something more hearty from the prepped foods department will get the job done.IMG_5016

At the last family function, my sister was so impressed by my potato salad that I brought! But I found out she was telling people I made it. My own sister! When I found this out, I laughed and told her she was crazy to think I had time to make it! It was from Delicious Orchards! I just put it in a serving dish. (*Disclaimer! I was never trying to claim the potato salad as my own!)

So this holiday weekend, whether you’re planning to man the grill for burgers and hot dogs or you’re showing up to somebody else’s party with a dish or dessert in hand, a stop at D.O. will surely make your life easier!

13521919_10156999810895461_4751618772096414107_n IMG_1614 IMG_5018

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