Dog Days of Summer at D.O.

Life with a toddler and infant has made this summer FLY by especially more so than the previous years. But, luckily we still have a good solid month until talks of the next season will be among us.

 These sunny summer days have been perfect for a trip out to D.O.  We’ll usually grab a couple items inside, followed by lunch from D.O. Cider Cafe and some frolicking around the apple trees. If the little guy has been a good listener, we’ve started a tradition of getting an ice cream cone. And since the little guy usually doesn’t finish more than 5 bites, I’m happy to help out. The hardest part is deciding on the flavor… will it be a soft vanilla -chocolate swirl ice cream or a Campfire S’mores hard ice cream cone kind of day? You can’t lose either way!FullSizeRenderIMG_5292

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