Hello summer produce!

 Don’t get me wrong. I love crisp fall days with a donut and hot apple cider in hand. But one of my favorite things about living in NJ is the change of seasons! And in addition to beautiful blue skies and sun-kissed days at the beach, I love summer dinners. The fresh local produce makes my tastebuds so happy! Whether it’s a tomato, onion, and cucumber salad with a vinegar dressing, squash blossoms in a fried batter, sautéed spinach with sea salt or zucchini done in minutes right on the grill, the options seem endless!IMG_4059 

A favorite summer go-to meal that’s easy enough for backyard get togethers or dinner at the beach? Rotisserie chicken atop a bed of mixed greens with Jersey tomatoes, cucumbers, some nuts and dried fruit. Simple, easy, nutritious & satisfying… all without heating up the kitchen!

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