Jersey Corn

Ahh, yet another summer staple: NJ corn! I don’t know about you but nothing says summer quite like some corn on the cob.

I never really thought too much about corn’s versatility, but with the abundance of it this summer, I’ve been trying to vary how we eat it. So let’s just look at some of the ways.

Raw! Yes, I said it. This Jersey corn is so sweet that you can eat it raw! Just peel off the husk and silk and take a nice bite out of it!

Grilled! Grilled in the husk for about 10 minutes creates a nice steamed effect, but pre-soak it in water for about 15 minutes to keep the husk from catching fire!

Grilled! Grilled without the husk gets you some nice charred kernels that are delicious for corn on the cob or for cutting off and adding to a corn & tomato salad with a light vinaigrette!

Boiled! While many people seem to have varying opinions on the cook time, I think it’s safe to stick to the 10 minute mark… just keep an eye on it!  Bring a large pot of water to a boil and put in the shucked corn for about 10 minutes.

Add your corn to a salad or a salsa. Butter it or sprinkle some garlic onto it.  However you serve it, just make sure you have it at the next BBQ!

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