Labor Day Weekend.

It’s among us. For some of us, it marks the end of the long summer days spent at the beach or long summer nights that seem to have extended beyond the BBQ dinners. For the teachers and students, it’s back to school. The routine of the daily grind begins to resume as the summer Jersey Shore culture lends itself to slower stress-free days… maybe even a sick day was taken this summer, where the only remedy to be found was a day in the sunshine.  Some of us despise this change. And some of us can’t wait for cooler days and apple picking traditions to begin.

Whatever your stance, Labor Day Weekend is here. And hopefully we’ll get a good day for one last summer BBQ. If you’re a host, D.O. has all your BBQ essentials. If you’re a guest, don’t show up empty handed! Bring some fresh fruit, or vegetables to grill, a pie or just a bouquet of fresh zinnias from the farm!  And don’t forget to enjoy!


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