(Online!) Gift Giving Made Easy

Isn’t that on our list of things to do this season? Find just the right gift to show someone you are thinking about them? And find just the right gift that they will actually enjoy? No gift receipts needed!

If you’ve never sent a gift box from Delicious Orchards, it’s so easy! There are a ton of options to choose from. Want to send just donuts? You can! Want a fruit and bakery combo? Yup! How about some cookies, brownies, cheese & crackers? You betcha! There are even some holiday specials with free shipping!

This holiday season, check out your options at the D.O. Mail Order Website and send the best gifts right from the comfort of your own home! (Or from your work desk… we won’t tell your boss you’re multi-tasking!)

But what does it actually look like, you ask? See one of our own boxes packed right here!


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