Pumpkin and Apple Butters

Recent additions to my pantry are fall’s flavorful products of apple and pumpkin butters. I was excited to embrace the change of season and what better way than to embrace the flavors of it!? So, after I purchased a jar of apple butter, I asked my husband, Umm, how do I eat it?  IMG_2496He was very excited that I had brought home a jar and needless to say after a few weeks I had to try the pumpkin butter, too.  D.O. offers a few different brands which seem to vary slightly in consistency. OK, so how do you eat these flavored butters? (And note that they won’t be found in the refrigerator section… rather in glass jars by the seasonal island or with the other jams and jellies)

  • Most commonly used as a spread on bread
    • Spread on some toast for breakfast or midday snack
    • On your pancakes, waffles, or french toast for an extra kick!
    • Use instead of mayo or mustard (ham and brie with apple butter… yum!)
    • Peanut butter and apple/pumpkin butter sandwich
  • Use in your oatmeal for a bit of flavor and sweetness
  • Bake with it! Pumpkin Butter dessert bars, for starters. Or find other recipes that call for these butters.
  • Yogurt parfaits with a layer of pumpkin butter and granola
  • Use it on your ice cream sundaes!
  • Use apple butter in the kitchen as a glaze on your pork chops, chicken or ribs.

These are just some ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Have fun and bon appetit!




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