Read a Heartfelt D.O. Story in Humans of New York

The McDonald family, owners and operators of Delicious Orchards, would like to thank photographer Brandon Stanton for a wonderful profile in his popular Humans of New York series.

Mike McDonald takes readers through the journey of our father, Bill, who started out stocking produce at D.O. and eventually bought the business to hand to his children. It’s a story of selflessness, compassion, loyalty, and simple joy at work as Bill continues to stock produce at the store today.

As of January 2021, the post has over 500,000 likes and nearly 7,000 comments on Instagram, along with over 400,000 likes and 13,000 comments on Facebook. The outpouring of support has been truly touching—a reminder of why we love our father, family, friends, employees, suppliers and, of course, our customers.

Even if you’ve been coming to D.O. for decades, there’s a good chance you didn’t know this story until now.

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