Simple ideas to win over your Valentine

Let’s start with a disclaimer: I’m simply offering my own opinion-based advice. No guarantees in swooning your Valentine. 

However, you may be browsing the interweb in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You’ve got a couple days left so congrats for planning ahead this year! Here are merely some suggestions. (And maybe secretly I’m hoping my Valentine will read this.)

1. Chocolate. I stand by this motto: If she says she doesn’t want chocolate, she’s probably lying to you. IMG_0349Unless, of course, she has an allergy or medical condition and in that case, you actually should NOT buy chocolate. You don’t have to buy an entire box. A simple chocolate covered cookie may be enough. 

2. If #1 is the case, you can resort to a more healthy option: FRUIT. That can be in the form of a fruit basket. Or simply a grocery heart applebag full of fruit. You should, however, include a card and perhaps a gift tag with a catchy line such as “You make my life sweeter” or “Like this bag of fruit, I cannot live without you.” Catching my drift?

3. Candy. [see #1]

4. Flowers. Now, while I’m someone who buys them regularly for myself (it’s OK, me & my hubs have a mutual tulipsunderstanding about it!) because they just add happiness to the clutter on my dining room table, I do love it when he brings home a lovely bouquet. Even if I have to remind him. I don’t think it’s cliche. I just like flowers and pretty things.

choco straws5. Chocolate covered strawberries. It’s basically guilt free chocolate.

6. An apple pie. Again, include gift tag with catchy line such as “You make my life sweeter than pie” IMG_0187or “You’re the apple of my eye” or “A treat for my sweet.” And if you’re lucky, maybe your Valentine will share a piece with you.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. For more ideas, feel free to wander the aisles of D.O. and get creative. Good luck!

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