The Avocado Life

Avocados!  Spread some on toast with eggs for breakfast, top your lunch salad with a few slices, or chop and use for guacamole… these are a just a few reasons why avocados are such a versatile fruit around our house. And did I mention it’s an easy finger food for the baby to eat, too?!

For the days when I just don’t have time to make it myself (read: everyday), the Pico de Gallo from the Prepared Foods section at D.O. is a guilt free snack for me! It’s perfect for dipping my chips into and I’ll even spread it on my turkey sandwiches to spice things up a bit. Nom nom nom.

Thinking about the Big Football Game on Sunday? Here’s the link to my Game Day Guacamole.  So grab a couple of Hass Avocados and enjoy!

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