The most wonderful time of the year

Fall is here! The leaves are beginning to crunch.  Mums have been planted.  I can sense a crispness in the air that leaves me wondering scarf, or no scarf?  And the trace of apples and pumpkins seem to be found everywhere. Most importantly, it’s fall at Delicious Orchards!

You know what the doctor says… an apple a day…

The most wonderful time of the year, we proclaim! (cue the music!) And as Andy Williams sang, it’s the hap-happiest season of all! At least among the doors of D.O., it is!  It’s the time of year when people debate the BEST kind of apple out there… granny smith? honeycrisp? fuji? or a good ol’ fashioned red delicious? The time of year when fresh veggies are bought to make homemade soups and warm the house. The time of year where we find ourselves justifying the endless purchases of apple pies, apple macarons, apple cider, donuts… and did I mention pumpkin pie is back?!

So what better time of the year to start our new blog! What can you expect to read here? Oh, you know, the normal blog stuff. Personal stories from the kitchen, sneak-peak behind-the-scene stories at D.O., tips on cooking, favorite recipes (new and old), fun facts about food, and the list goes on. Thanks for joining me and the rest of the D.O. family as we look to make your day just a bit more delicious.

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