‘Tis the season

Hard to believe that almost a month has passed since our last meeting! But I guess it rings true to the holiday season, where we often try and cram too much into our schedule. It’s time to visit people, go shopping, wrap the gifts, decorate the house, and bake… just for starters. Although, I must admit that I seem to be giving edible gifts now more than ever. I mean, the way to my heart is through the stomach so why not share the love?!

It’s easy and entertIMG_9884aining for me (hey, I don’t get out much these days!) to walk through the aisles of D.O. and pick out some sweet treats for friends and family.  It’s a great time of year to swing by a friend’s house and bring an extra bag of donuts or festive cookies. Heading to a holiday party and need a hostess gift? I think I’ll bring a poinsettia or unique flavored honey. Flavored coffee is always a must for at least someone on my Christmas list. And if I’m going to bring them a pound of coffee, I might as well bring them chocolate covered graham crackers, too. And then I have to bring some cookies for the kids, so that mom can enjoy her treat all on her own. I feel like I live a real life version of the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…” IMG_9880

Whatever your days are filled with this holiday season, may you take some time to enjoy the sweet and simple things!


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