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Apple Availability Guide – This is for reference only. Please call to confirm a variety’s availability

Variety Available Description Uses
Year Round Crisp, juicy, slightly tart flavor. Yellow-green to creamy yellow flesh. Eating, Salad, Sauce, and Baking.
September to April Juicy, Red and Crisp with a hint of tartness. Tender, snow white flesh. Eating, Salad, Sauce, Pies, and Baking.
September to July Crisp and juicy with a mild spicy flavor. Reddish to purple skin with green intermingled and white flesh. Eating and Salads.
Envy October to December & June to August Sweet and Juicy. Crisp and Firm Eating, Salads, and Baking
Year Round Yellowish skin with pink blush very crisp, firm and sweet. Excellent Baking, Eating and Salads. Stores very well.
August to November Mildly tart. Fine Textured, crisp cream colored flesh. Eating and Salads
Golden Delicious
Year Round Yellow or golden skin, yellowish-white flesh, juicy and sweet Eating, Salads, and Baking
Granny Smith
Early September to August Green skin often with a red cheek and white flesh. Very firm and crisp. Tart to very tart flavor. Stores well. Baking and Eating. Great for Caramel and Candy Apples
September to December Sweet. Unique Crisp Texture Eating, Salad, Sauce, and Baking
Jazz May to August Red and Yellow Skin. Crisp, sweet mellow flavor. Eating and Salads
October to May Orange and reddish with yellow background mildly tart. Very firm. Baking and Eating
Kingsbeer Red May to July Sweet, Mild Flavor. Firm Eating and Salads
October to December Crisp, Snappy, White Flesh Salads and Eating
Mid September to June Very Juicy, Mildly Tart Eating, Salads, and Juices
Pacific Rose November to May Red with yellow/green blush. Crisp, hard, sweet and juicy. Eating and Salads
Paula Red
September to October Juicy and tart with crisp, white flesh. Eating
Pink Lady
Year Round Pinkish to light red skin crisp, firm, slightly dry, very sweet. Eating and Salads
Premier Star May to July Sweet and Crisp Eating and Salads
Red Delicious
Year Round Bright red, solid or striped, five points at blossom end yellowish white flesh juicy, very mild, sweet. Eating and Salads
Red Rome
Late October to September Bright red skin, yellow flesh often mingled with red streaks. Firm, mildly tart. Baking, Cooking, and Eating
Royal Gala Year Round Partial to full red speckly and stripe crisp and sweet. Eating and Salads
Southern Rose Late April to July Mostly red with green background. Very crisp, dense, slightly tart Great Baking, Eating, and Salads
Sweet Tango September to November Very Juicy and Sweet. Firm Eating and Salads
Staymen Winesap October to January Dull red with stripes white flesh tinged with yellow juicy and slightly tart. Very firm. Eating and All Cooking